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Velvet CounselingWhen a person has a behavioral health issues, it means they have exhausted their own natural internal and external resources for coping. They mind, body and emotional healing systems respond by producing a set of behaviors, emotions and reactions to get our attention. Mental health reactions can be mild, like a little text anxiety, or cause sever impacts in life.

Mental disorders affect a large percentage of the population and represent some of the most common reasons people fail to reach there potential. While mental health disorders are very common, they are also very complex and require detailed care from a specialist. Our specialists provide therapeutic behavioral assessment, safety planning, psychosocial education, individualized treatment planning and therapeutic interventions for children, teen adults and families.

We Provide Treatment for Behavioral Health Issues Including:

Marriage/ Relationship issues



Shyness- Social Phobia

Anger Management

Suicidal thoughts

Cutting- hurting one’s self

Reactions after Abuse or Traumatic Life Events

Emotional Reactions to Chronic Physical Health Issues

Family Dysfunction

Attachment issues

Sleep/Wake issues

Eating/Elimination issues